Resources that Support Healthy Educational Ecosystems

The Eco-STEM project aims to create a student-ready STEM educational system by embracing an ecosystem metaphorical model to create learning environments in which students, faculty, and staff thrive.

The Eco-STEM Peer Observation Tool: The Peer Observation Tool is designed to be employed by peer faculty members to provide a formative assessment of the classroom space. The Tool provides data for instructors to reflect on their own teaching practice focusing on three areas: Climate, Structure, and Vibrancy.The most up-to-date version of Peer Observation Tool is available here.

The Eco-STEM Resource Repository: The Resource Repository is an open-source wiki containing background information and pedagogical activities to support a healthy classroom ecosystem, including references to literature, ideas and strategies, and sample activities. The structure of the Resource Repository is aligned with the Peer Observation Tool. You are invited to enrich the repository by adding your own teaching resources. The Repository can be accessed here.

Eco-STEM Project Publications: All the publications generated by the Eco-STEM project team are available here.


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